Immigration to Canada through Study Permit/ Study in Canada/ Canadian Study Permit/ Canadian Student Visa

Candidates of obtaining Canadian study permit for academically study at Canadian colleges and universities must meet the following criteria:

  1. Obtain Canadian Study Permit

The first step to obtain Canadian study permit and visa for the candidate is to be admitted by a college or university, after getting information on their terms and regulations.

Terms and conditions for student admission is different from institute to institute, therefore, the candidate is recommended to get the required information through the website or phone call.

In addition to what was mentioned, the candidate needs to submit their application and required document 9-12 months earlier.

The candidate must also indicate their proficiency at official languages of Canada by the result of a standard test including IELTS and TOEFL.

  1. Obtain Temporary Canadian Study Permit

Besides the factors in part 1, in order to obtain a temporary visa, the candidate must be financially able to pay the tuition of the institute and life expenses, while they need to persuade the immigration officer on returning their home country after graduation.

While studying in Canada, the candidate has the permission to work on campus, without a work permit. If they would like to work off campus, a work permit is required.

After graduation, the candidate can apply for permanent residency if they have worked for at least one year as a fulltime employee.

Changes in international student admission, new regulations to prevent any abuse of the program and to support Canadian international reputation of higher education and improved student services have been applied since 1st June, 2014.

The regulations support the issuance of credentials for the graduated students of learning institutes across Canadian provinces, so it helps students study actively in Canada. Full-time international students are also allowed to register for specific courses and at the same time, take either a half-time job in student camps or a full-time educational one.

Please kindly read new regulation in full text.

Since 1st June, 2014, all admitted students must actively study in Canada; i.e. with a student visa, you need to make a reasonable progress, otherwise you are asked to leave the country.

The institute reports your educational progress to IRCC. Immigration officer might also ask you to provide a report of education progress.

According to the latest law, student visas will expire after 90 days of student file completion, even if you intend to take short-term courses or complete your course earlier.

When a letter as a “letter of graduation” (e.g. an administrative correspondence or the copies), diploma, or credentials are issued by the institute, your file is complete. The law is applicable to the students who have applied since 1st June, 2014. Please visit “Canadian Residency” for information on Post-Graduation Work Permit.

Please refer to “Q & A” for any comments or questions on the above-mentioned items.

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