Study in Canada

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Study in Canada

Why study in Canada

Study in Canada is Suitable for Every Students All over the World. Each year, the high quality of education and the global credibility of universities in the UK will bring many students to the country.

Moreover, the unique culture of the country, the opportunity to work while studying, obtaining scholarships and receiving financial supports, are other some of benefits of studying in the UK.


Level of universities in Canada

The universities of this country have eight (8) levels, which are as follows:


Level 1 Foundation diploma
GCSE (grades D – G)
NVQ level 1
EQF level 2
Level 2 Higher diploma
GCSE (grades A* – C)
NVQ level 2
EQF level 3
Level 3 Advanced diploma
International Baccalaureate
BTEC National
NVQ level 3
EQF level 4
Level 4 Certificate of Higher Education
HNC (awarded by a degree-awarding institution)
QF-EHEA Intermediate qualifications within the Short Cycle
BTEC Professional award, certificate and diploma level 4
Higher National Certificate (HNC)
NVQ level 4
EQF level 5


Level 5 BTEC Professional award, certificate and diploma level 5
Higher National Diploma (HND)
NVQ level 4
Diploma of Higher Education
Foundation degree
HND (awarded by a degree-awarding institution)
QF-EHEA Short Cycle (within or linked to first cycle)
Level 6 BTEC Advanced Professional award, certificate and diploma level 6
NVQ level 4
EQF level 6
Graduate certificate
Graduate diploma
Professional Graduate Certificate of Education
QF-EHEA Intermediate qualifications within the First Cycle
Ordinary bachelor’s degree
Bachelor’s degree with honours
QF-EHEA First Cycle (end of cycle)
Level 7 BTEC Advanced Professional award, certificate and diploma level 7
NVQ level 5
EQF level 7
Postgraduate certificate
Postgraduate diploma
Postgraduate Certificate of Education
QF-EHEA Intermediate qualifications within the Second Cycle
Integrated master’s degree
Master’s degree
QF-EHEA Second Cycle (end of cycle)
Level 8 NVQ level 5 EQF level 8
Doctorates QF-EHEA Third Cycle (end of



Acceptance Steps and document requirements


  • Having the pre-university degree

Applicants for undergraduate programs have to show the completed high school diploma.

However, each country has specific educational system.

For instance: applicants from Iran with a (pre-university certificate) with an average of at least 16/20 or an entrance exam (high-ranking university entrance exam) can apply for direct undergraduate degrees.

  • Having Associate Degree

If you have an associate degree from a public university with a final score of at least 15/20, or equivalent, or from a private university with a final score of at least 16/20,  you eligible to apply for an undergraduate program for Study in Canada.

  • Having an International Diploma: IB

Applicants with an International diploma (IB) can apply for Grade A diplomas for direct admission to undergraduate programs. The average of the period is between 28 and 30.

  • Applicants with a Bachelor’s Degree

All applicants with a bachelor degree from accredited higher education institutions, with an average of 13 to 16 from 20, can apply for admission.

Foundation Program

If applicants are not in any of the above groups, they can register at the International University Foundation as a bridge between undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to prepare themselves for a postgraduate course.


Another option for the Foundation Program is a graduate program that is approved for a two or three year student undergraduate degree.

Language Requirements

-Have a degree of IELTS 6.5 (Academic) and six in each of the four skill: writing, reading, speaking and listening Or, TOEFL 92 is acceptable.

Scholarship terms for Study in Canada

International students can apply for scholarships through either university or private organizations.

The University of Birkbeck offers a number of scholarships worth 5000 (five thousand) pounds, which can be used by international students and students who are residence of European Union.

High-ranked students can submit an article about their cultural background and their future participation in England community as a world citizen. This article shouldn’t be more than 1000 thousand words, submitted to the International office. This article and academic transcripts of the students will be reviewed by the faculty.

Deadline for submitting articles

Usually the deadline for submitting article is June 1 of each year. However, the university will announce the due date for future students.

Education Fees in Canada

As a sample, we provide you the fees information one of the most leading college university in Canada named: BirkBeck 

One year fees in BirkBeck University 

The tuition fee can range from £ 3,500 to £ 18,000 per year, depending on the institution, your course level and course type. This cost is likely to increase every year. You should contact the institutions you requested to find out what your period costs are and you can ask us what will be the cost of the coming years. Read the full guide information on university fees.

One year accommodation fees

The cost of living for a school year is 6.175 pound.

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