Immigration to Quebec

Quebec is an extensive territory consisting of 17 governmental areas with their own specific attractions. Taking advantage of work opportunities and high quality of life, you are invited to explore the areas. In order to make conscious decisions before choosing a settlement place, take enough time to be well familiar with the region.

Quebec is the only Canadian province that, on the basis of an agreement with federal government, is able to set distinctive regulation and law to attract immigrants. You can find the information on immigration to Canada as follows:

  • Skilled Worker programs
  • Investment programs
  • Entrepreneurial programs
  • Self-employment programs

You can also fine significant information on Quebec and the ruling system of this spectacular province on our webpage. Please share your comments with us.

  • Geographical features
  • Norms and values in the Quebecer society
  • Ethnic variation
  • Retirement in Canada while working
  • Retirement pension in Quebec

For a better and more comprehensive understanding of Canada, visit the page on Quebec news.

What you read below is the criteria of residency in Quebec:

Immigration through the following programs allows you to live temporarily or permanently in beautiful Quebec.

  1. Immigration through permanent skilled worker program
  2. Immigration through investment
  3. Immigration through temporary work permit
  4. Immigration through study permit
  5. Family sponsorship
  6. Residency through humanitarian programs
  • Immigration to Quebec as a worker

Every year, Quebec welcomes and helps thousands of job seeker immigrants who have required skills of the labor market.

Why Quebec?

There are plenty of job opportunities in Quebec and life quality is high at both urban and rural areas. You will be able to achieve your goals, fulfill your ambition and extend your perspective.

It is possible for you to obtain permanent residency if you work or study in the province. Quebec experience program provides the possibility to ease your permanent residency in Canada.

  • A 9-step process

Step 1: Getting to know Quebec

If you are interested in living in Quebec, the first and most basic way is to get information on the province and investigate the circumstances.

Step 2: Assess your chance of living in Quebec

You can assess the chance of living in Quebec by filling an evaluation form on this webpage. Please, note that the responses to your assessment do not guarantee that you will be admitted.

Step 3: Get information on Skilled Worker Program of Quebec

Step 4: Consider the major factors and items before you submit the immigration document

  • If your desired job exists in Quebec and if it is possible to be employed?
  • If you can afford costs of travel and life in the province?
  • You need to be well aware of the process and progress of the application.

Step 5: File your immigration record by the title “my Quebec project”.

Step 6: Submit your permanent residency application.

Step 7: Prepare to immigrate to Canada.

Step 8: get prepared for paperwork at Montreal airport arrival

Step 9: Settle in and integrate with the new life environment

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