Caregivers are defined as the ones who take care of children, elderly, and people with disabilities. After two years of being a caregiver in Canada, you can obtain permanent residency through Canadian Caregiver Program.
The program is appropriate for skilled and semi-skilled foreign workers, which requires the criteria including education, work experience, and language proficiency. Your employer must provide Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and a written contract.
After you have worked for two years as a caregiver in Canada, it will be possible to apply for Canadian permanent residency through one of the following paths:
•Childcare path: if you have taken care of a child, it is possible for you to apply through this program, either you had lived with the employer or not.
•Taking care of people with special medical needs (Home support caregiver): if you have taken care of elderly, people with disabilities, or patients with chronic diseases, either in the house of the employer or in medical centers, you are eligible for this program.
•Live-in caregiver: The program is specific to caregivers who live with the employer to take care of children, elderly, and people with disability.

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