Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

People around the world ca benefit from the different ways Canada offers permanent residency. There are about 60 different methods of immigrating to Canada. Canadian Federal government is constantly reviewing and making changes to immigration policy and methods.

One of the new ways to immigrate to Canada, is through the Atlantic Immigration Project, which has begun in the following provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Labrador.

This innovative method of immigration will be placed in 3 groups.

The first group consists of the Atlantic High Skilled Program (AHSP). Applicants must receive a job offer in one of the administrative levels/groups 0, A or B under NOC. There are more requirements for this program, which we will include in the next pages.

The second group is Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program (AISP), which includes applicants who receive a job offer from the skill type/ level 0, A, B, or C under NOC.

The third group is for Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP) who must study at least for two years, in a recognized publicly funded schools in an Atlantic Province.

It should be noted that all employers who wish to choose their workforce in this way must be pre-approved to the relevant province.

All of these programs do include more requirements, and they shall be included in future posts.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

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